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    About three sixty°

    Welcome to three sixty° Personal Training


    Training with three sixty° is different. Where other personal training services are, shall we say, lacking, we represent what personal training in Manchester can and should be; passion, care, attention to detail, commitment to excellence, unmatched client experience, and above all, a desire for results.

    While it would be easy for me to tell you that we offer the highest quality personal training, in the first and largest private facility of its kind in Manchester city centre, doing so doesn’t help you understand why what we do represents a paradigm shift when compared to ‘standard’ personal training.

    Rather than talking endlessly about how we’re the ‘best personal trainers in Manchester‘, or being ‘celebrity personal trainers‘, I simply invite you to look through our website.

    This way you can discover for yourself what the people at the centre of our story – our clients – say about us, their experience and their results, and explore our cutting edge approach through our articles, videos and blogs.

    What I will say right now is this; our team of world class trainers, strength coaches and nutritionists are here to support, motivate and inspire you every step of the way in maximising your unique potential, achieving physical excellence and optimal health.

    Our clients trust us with their bodies, their results, and their health, because we leave no stone unturned in our quest for spectacular, life changing results. If you’re looking for a Personal Trainer in Manchester, your own life changing journey may just have started.

    To your new lean and healthy body,


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