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    About three sixty°

    Welcome to three sixty° Personal Training


    Personal training with three sixty° is different.

    We believe that as a unique individual with unique genetics and a unique set of life circumstances, you need a unique solution that provides a joined up response to the challenges you face and that helps you reach your goals in a realistic, sustainable way.

    The team at three sixtyº represents a different approach to personal training in Manchester; our passion for helping people, attention to detail, commitment to excellence, and above all, a desire for results, leads us to study everything from training techniques and postural health, to digestive system health, nutrition and the processes of chronic disease.

    While of course we focus on short term results – becoming healthier, leaner and stronger – we also coach our clients for the long term, so that those results are sustainable – hence why you won’t find 12 week transformation packages on this website.

    Our clients trust us with their bodies, health, and results because we leave no stone unturned in our quest for life changing results. If you’re looking for a Personal Trainer in Manchester, your own life changing journey may just have started.

    To your new lean and healthy body,


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